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Auto Accident FAQs

There are more than six million auto accidents in the United States annually.

Injury and death from car accidents causes untold suffering. In the United States, an automobile accident injury occurs every 11 seconds and a death occurs every 12 minutes. The consequences of these car accidents include pain, suffering, medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, as well as the grief that accompanies the sudden loss of a loved one.

Many drivers believe that insurance provides sufficient protection in the event of an accident. Unfortunately that is often not the reality. Despite Florida’s mandatory automobile insurance laws, many drivers do not carry sufficient coverage. Furthermore, it’s in the insurance company's interest to pay you as little as possible after a car accident. They may not even offer you enough money to cover your medical bills.


Q. If I have been in a previous accident, can I still collect money damages for my new accident?
A. Yes. Florida law provides that an individual can still obtain money damages for a succeeding accident although that individual may have previously been involved in an accident. Please note that recovery is based upon what coverages and assets are available.

Q. If my car is disabled or I cannot move, can the attorney or one of his staff members come to me?
A. Yes. Our office provides home and hospital visits anywhere in the state of Florida upon request.

Q. Can I still recover money damages for an automobile accident if I’m not at fault since Florida is a no-fault state?
A. Yes. If you are injured in an automobile accident, you may still be entitled to recover money damages.