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5 STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A SLIP, TRIP, AND FALL ACCIDENT: 1. Seek Medical Treatment. Your health—or the health of a loved one—should be your number-one priority following a slip, trip, and fall accident. If you've been hurt, it's important to see a doctor so that your injuries can be properly documented. Those medical records…
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DIVORCE You’ve been thinking about getting a divorce, but you want to know that you have everything prepared before you talk to your spouse. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prepare. The following are five things you can do, in order to have a smooth divorce. You can also reach out to…
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Employment Law

Employment Law Workplace accidents can occur at any moment and it’s best to prepared on how to proceed with filing a workers’ compensation claim. It is important that employees, especially with the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer, seek compensation for lost wages and medical bills incurred while out of work due to an injury.…
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Foreclosure defenses

Foreclosure defense Ever since the foreclosure crisis hit Florida in 2008, there have been new foreclosure defense attorneys opening their doors on a regular basis. This is evident by the number of billboards seen throughout the state and the amount of television commercials attorneys create to draw in more clients. Many of these attorneys are…
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