Our people

Eliot P. Reifkind, Esq. Founder/Shareholder
Nicholas R. Thompson, Esq. Managing Partner/Shareholder/Personal Injury
Lance C. Rudzinski, Esq. Partner/Shareholder/Head of Personal Injury Litigation Division
Brian D. Gottlieb, Esq. Partner/Shareholder/Commercial Litigation/Family Law
Shaun M. Serelson, Esq. Partner/Head of Personal Injury Pre-Litigation – South Florida
Matthew Rabin, Esq. Partner/Personal Injury Litigation - Central Florida
L. Hope Richards, Esq. Partner/Head of Real Estate Division - Florida
Gregory Blackburn, Esq. Associate Attorney/Head of Personal Injury Protection Litigation Division
Frank Gonzalez, Esq. Associate Attorney/ Personal Injury Litigation - Miami
Gabriela A. Hidalgo, Esq. Associate Attorney/ Personal Injury/ Commercial Litigation
Employment Law
Erik Del'etoile, Esq. Associate Attorney/Employment Law
Workers' Compensation
Michelle Chase, Esq. Associate Attorney/Workers' Compensation
Personal Injury Protection Litigation Division
David Edwards, Esq. Associate Attorney/Personal Injury Protection Litigation
Kurt Wilson, Esq. Associate Attorney/Personal Injury Protection Litigation
Human Resources
Operations & IT
Andres Gomez Operations & IT Director
Caryn L. Stumpfl Marketing Director
Sandra Perez-Morales Marketing and Business Development
Cameran McGee PR & Marketing Specialist
Steve Vazquez Private Investigator
Dan Rivera Private Investigator
Maria Padron RTR LAW Accounting Supervisor
Lisa Self RTR TITLE Accounting Supervisor