The cruise industry is important to the Florida economy and cruising remains a popular Florida vacation option. Millions of passengers from around the world travel on cruises out of our local ports each year. As the number of people going on cruises continues to increase, so does the number of personal injury cases. Injuries, such as physical assaults, debilitating illnesses, robbery, murder, and disappearances have all happened in increasing numbers each year on cruises.


Cruise ship law is constantly evolving. Recent landmark decisions have marked cruise ship corporations as accountable for the safety of their passengers and crew. RTR Law attorneys are skilled litigators and can help navigate the waters of these legal challenges for our clients.


Florida also is one of the boating capitals of the world. Unfortunately, there are thousands of recreational boating accidents each year, many that have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries. The majority of deaths from these boating accidents are due to drowning from boats capsizing or accidental falls overboard. And in a majority of cases, the people who drowned are not wearing life jackets. Boat owners are responsible for protecting their crews and passengers by requiring passengers to wear life preservation equipment. Boat operators are often inexperienced, inattentive to security protocols, or reckless when operating their crafts. Sometimes they are operating the crafts at an unsafe speeds, or they may allow their crafts to become overcrowded. To make matters worse, boat operators that consume alcohol or narcotics while operating their crafts will increase the likelihood for injury.

RTR Law advises and advocates for clients who were injured in boating accidents or on cruise ships. Our attorneys are there to help you if you become a victim. For a free, no-obligation case review, please contact us today or call us toll free at 833-HIRE-RTR.

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