Nursing homes have operating procedures and standards set by the government and state and federal law for quality care. When administrators and staff neglect the elderly in their care, they break the law, and damages, license suspension and monetary awards are some of the positive results of quality personal injury litigation. Large negligence lawsuit winnings can also send a message to corporations that are more focused on the financial gain than providing quality care for those in their care.

It is important to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect. Many violations are never reported, sometimes out of fear of retribution by those that are caring for them, or because disabilities may hinder their ability to make a coherent statement of the facts. Family members and visitors need to be the ones to take action.

Abuse and neglect come directly or indirectly. Indirect neglect may be caused by poor facility conditions, services, food and maintenance of equipment and more. This may cause slip and fall accidents, harm due to over- or under-medication, and malnutrition. Direct abuse is caused by employees of the facility who may cause physical, sexual, emotional or financial distress to those in their care.

As a friend or loved one of someone living in a long-term care setting, be aware if the person’s attitude or personality changes, or if you see bruising, sores, cuts or other physical traits that are out of the ordinary. Abuse or neglect may be a cause. Keep track of financial records and be ready to investigate or report issues that you find to the proper authorities. Be sure to contact our attorneys to learn about your rights.

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