The purpose of wrongful death claims is to compensate the survivors and dependents of victims of a wrongful death. Wrongful death litigation helps to punish those that would normally escape liability because their victim has died. Compensation to the victim’s family may be a recovery of financial, emotional or other household support. Claims may be caused by liability of unsafe pharmaceuticals, defective products, accidents due to carelessness, or direct homicide.

Wrongful death claims are governed by legal statutes. This makes claims strictly based on clear cut legal procedures and requirements. Attorneys must follow all standards in order to be successful. Defendants are often involved in both a civil and criminal proceeding. Even if a defendant is able to avoid conviction in a criminal proceeding, the lower burden of proof may allow a decision in a civil proceeding to go against him or her.

Wrongful death claims require the services of an experienced litigator. Trials can take time and require considerable resources. This should not deter you from pursuing a wrongful death claim, but you should be aware of your requirements. Our litigation attorneys can provide you with a full understanding of the rights and requirements of this kind of claim.

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