Divorce can be devastating, emotionally, psychologically and physically, especially if kids are involved.  Whether you are facing a simple divorce without children or a more complex, high-asset divorce, a paternity dispute, an emotional child custody battle or another type of family law matter, RTR Law can help you move forward with peace of mind and confidence. At RTR Law, we’re sensitive to the emotional and financial stresses that often accompany family law matters such as divorce and child custody. To that end, we provide cost-effective strategies for protecting your interests whenever possible. You can always expect honest, upfront explanations and guidance from our lawyers.

We understand that no two family law issues are alike, and we are determined to work with our clients to build a case that exactly suits their situation to achieve the best result. Whether it is a divorce, an issue of child custody, alimony, or other issues related to family law, we are here to help as soon as possible.  Call us today for your free initial consultation.

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