“Being in charge of six law firm locations is a daunting task but rewarding. With technology changing day to day, we assure our clients we are at the forefront in order to maximize your financial recovery. Business operations must run smoothly for that to occur, and it is my pleasure to be a large part of that process.” - Maria Coll

Maria “Mayte” Coll is a 35+ plus year veteran as a case manager, paralegal, and office administrator.

Mayte oversees all the administrative functions and is responsible for the supervision of all employees of the firm, which includes all office locations.Mayte assists the accounting manager with financial matters such as accounts payable, payroll and banking. If you have a “status on an incoming check” question she is your gal! Mayte would be happy to help you with any administrative issues!

Maria is also a member of the ALA, a member of the South Florida Chapter of the ALA and a member of the Central Florida Chapter of the ALA.

Originally coming to us following the death of our beloved colleague Arnie Muskat, Esq. (1955-2006), where Mayte was a devoted office manager for over 15 years, Mayte is fully bilingual and with her breadth of legal knowledge, is an invaluable component of RTRLAW.

  • English
  • Spanish